Makna Wacana is a language service provider based in Bali. We offer an extensive range of language services in English and Bahasa Indonesia. We work with large companies, small businesses, start-ups, NGOs, website developers, PR firms, and various organizations, spread across Indonesia, Southeast Asia and beyond.

Makna Wacana was founded by a passionate professional ‘language nerd’ with extensive experience, whose goal is to take part in accommodating the current growing market demand for various forms of language services in both the above languages, offering a first-rate standard of professionalism and expertise where language services is more than merely a collection of ideas put into words.

The team behind Makna Wacana has a strong background and years of experience in translation, transcription, subtitling, voice-over, copywriting, content writing, copyediting, creative writing, not limited to any subject or field in particular. Makna Wacana guarantees a multi-angle approach as seen necessary, which ensures an excellent comprehension and understanding in the process of developing every assignment, in order to deliver the best results.

For us, there is no such thing as being lost in words, meaning, or translation. We see our language services as a certain art of conveying ideas, concepts, meanings and messages using linguistics, in the most efficient way, while we prioritize and assure that the values in the essence and purpose of your language needs are properly presented in the best way possible. We offer a guaranteed quality at affordable rates!

We value you, your brand, your business, and the work that needs to be done; therefore we value every word used in the related communication. We know that every paragraph, sentence, word, and/or punctuation represents ‘you’! And that’s why we take every detail very seriously!

We want you to sit back and leave your language worries to us! No matter your field of business or organization, style, form, purpose and tone of language needs, with us it is class all the way! We just happen to be passionate about what we’re doing, hence it is essential for us to bring our A-Game at all times, in all scenarios!