Most of our language experts at Makna Wacana are at least bilingual; where Bahasa Indonesia and English are mostly the first two languages they are most proficient on a highly professional level.

With the competence of our team, we guarantee to deliver the best quality of English for our various language services.



While the role of English in Indonesia is a foreign language, it is for sure the second most largely spoken foreign language in the country, as it is the language learned and spoken as a foreign language internationally all over the globe.

English is often referred to as the international language for business, and in Indonesia, the language certainly plays a large role in many sectors. The use of English has developed more widely every year; a simple way to notice it is that most businesses, whether large or small, have provided their communication material of many sorts in Bahasa Indonesia as well as English, acknowledging that it is essential to present themselves in both languages.


Bahasa Indonesia

There are so many discussions of different initial subjects that somehow lead us back to that one same comment that emphasizes the obvious; the fact that we live in a global era where everything is immensely connected. Large companies, businesses, NGOs, are able to set up their offices halfway across the globe from where they’re originally based. And of course, our beautiful Indonesia is also highly affected by this.

While English does work just fine in many situations, the official language of the country is Bahasa Indonesia. Given the fact that the status of English is not even a second language, the role of Bahasa Indonesia in the communication of your business, brand, or company is of great importance. Bahasa Indonesia is the instrument utilized to reach the vast majority of this archipelago. On the other hand, being able to translate messages from Bahasa Indonesia to English is how you build a bridge and pass the message to the rest of the world. We can help you in both ways!

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