Content Writing

Makna Wacana offers content writing services for various topics and fields! At Makna Wacana, we always make sure that we choose our words as wisely as possible, because we know it’s vital! We utilize language as an exemplary instrument to serve its purpose at best and represent you with absolute class! Never underestimate the power of words!

We deliver concepts and ideas in attractive engaging writings with great style that matches yours. We start with the right approach and dig deeper for better understanding about the subjects you aim to communicate, and we deliver your thoughts in high-quality writings that adds value to your message.


Makna Wacana has a team of talented copywriters who are highly prepared for this particular art of high quality persuasive writing. As a local company, we offer affordable rates while we guarantee to  deliver our work fast.

We work with companies, small businesses, startups, NGOs, website developers, PR firms, and other organizations that require our services. Our copywriters are ready to deliver powerful writings that passes your message in order to convince your potential clients.


Given the high market demand, translation is one of the main services we offer. We commit to deliver high quality translations that maintain the meaning, tone and style of the original language.

We do not hesitate to invest more hours, research and effort in order to guarantee that the translated version flows in the best way it represents the original writing without losing any of its essence. And yet, our rates charge you per page and we meet all deadlines, hence the amount of effort is simply not your worry!

We focus on Bahasa Indonesia – English and English – Bahasa Indonesia, but we also work with a number of translators who are available for translations from Bahasa Indonesia and English into several other languages and vice versa. For the additional services of language translations, you can send an inquiry to check the availability.

Our experienced professionals are capable to provide translation services for all types of documents.


Nowadays, there is a growing demand for audio transcriptions coming from various industries, organizations, as well as institutes. Makna Wacana provides transcription services for various types of video and audio files from Bahasa Indonesia to English and vice versa at an affordable rate.

We guarantee fast and high-quality results. No matter the subject or field, our language experts are ready to combine the proper approach, research, knowledge and translation skills in turning the speech from the original language into an accurate transcribed and translated document.


When you have the transcriptions from a video file all set and ready, neatly translated into another language, you might want to put them on screen too. This is a service that we provide following our transcription services, and of course if you need a package of both, we’d be happy to offer a special deal! And what if you already have the text, but you honestly have no idea where to place them as you don’t speak one out of the two languages involved? We can do that for you too! We guarantee accurate timing and precision it the placement and transitions of subtitles in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.


Makna Wacana has voice-over talents who speak and pronounce Bahasa Indonesia and English perfectly, without any accent, plus the microphone sure love them!

Our voice-over talents have a strong background in broadcasting, and know exactly how to perform the art of speech for different purposes. We are happy to provide you with voice-over services for commercials, narrations, websites, radio, film/television, and more! We can offer you customized service packages and deals, which includes creating scripts designed for your needs.

Other Writing Services

We are well aware that there are a lot of other forms of language services required by small businesses, large companies, organizations and agencies in Indonesia and beyond. Therefore, our services are not only limited to the list above. Please send us an inquiry if you need a specific form of language service or if you need to discuss of further possibilities related to a customized project.

Our team will be happy to explore what we can do to accommodate to your language needs!

Other Services

Makna Wacana has a number of reliable business partners whom we love to recommend to you. We have a great circle of passionate professionals, all doing different things! Check our partners for other services that fall under the category of the menu offered by production houses and web developers, or simply contact us with your inquire and we will make sure to connect you to the right professionals!

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